The Corporate Choice for Custom Made Lanyards

As the leading manufacturer of custom made lanyards, we offers a wide range of lanyards for corporate, commercial, sporting and individual use. We specialise in and offer a wide range of quality, durable custom made lanyards, designed for any need.

Our Mission

Established in Singapore had since serving consumers all over the world. As a customer centric company we are dedicated to providing quality products at affordable prices. Our lanyards can be customised in a wide variety of colours with various different hardware attachments as well as the printing of company names, logos or messages. As an industry leader in custom made lanyards, we have made it our mission to continue designing and developing new products that meet our customers’ needs while adhering to our already high standards of quality.

Why Choose Us?

For over 6 years we have been providing quality and value in every product we manufacture. We welcome all orders, large or small, and our fast turnaround times means you will receive your order quickly and accurately.Our team will be with you every step of the way to guide you and help you choose a custom made lanyard product that suits your needs. Our goal is to make every of our customer, a customer for life.

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